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“Shape”of new real estate value

“Creating” a new meaning of real estate valuation.

-Aiming for New Real Estate Value-

Changes that are occurring in the social and economic environment are causing needs related to real estate, construction, and urban redevelopment to become more sophisticated and diverse, for both individuals and corporations. Meeting these needs requires consulting services based on a high level of expertise and extensive experience. Royal Estate Co.,Ltd., as a professional business, will propose solutions that address the needs of our clients.

In addition to the sale, lease, and purchase of real estate in general circulation, Royal Estate also handles and brokers many properties that are not generally available on the open market. We also focus on introducing profitable real estate to overseas investors, and our expertise in areas ranging from investment property appraisal, purchase, sale, brokerage, and rental management is highly appreciated by many overseas investors. In our renovation business, we create one-of-a-kind real estate produced by foreign designers, which differentiates it from competitors, in order to provide a "new form of real estate value" that increases valuations even for older properties.

A New Form of Real Estate

We have the know-how and experience to increase the value of real estate.

Increasing the value of real estate.

That is the starting point of the business that we, Royal Estate, are engaged in. Leveraging the know-how we have accumulated and cultivated over our years of achieving results in the income-producing real estate business, we strive to maximize the value of each property by assessing its potential from multiple perspectives rather than simply remodeling existing properties.

Creating new real estate value enables us to address the needs of the market and the needs of the times.

Real Estate
Real Estate Business
In addition to real estate information that is generally available to the public, we also introduce and broker properties that are not found on the open market. Our real estate transaction professionals can propose and introduce these opportunities.
Income Generating Real Estate for Overseas Investors
Income Generating Real Estate for Overseas Investors
Our company has connections with many investors who are interested in the Japanese real estate market. Expanding the sales window to overseas investors enables us to quickly find buyers for hard-to-sell properties.
Renovation Business
We are able to boost the value of aged properties by engaging designers to turn them into stylish properties unlike any seen before in Japan.

Royal Estate's Three Business Fields


Royal Estate is working on new real estate transactions and new forms of real estate value in three business fields.

» rokerage of real estate properties traded behind the scenes

» Introducing investment properties to overseas investors

» Renovation projects that create new added value

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